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Quantity and equipment of our washers are unique in Berlin, even worldwide: Inbetween our 24 washing machines you find five big ones (13 kg and 20 kg) where you can even wash blankets (duvets also!), bedspread, cushions, curtains, ticks, garden furniture pillows. Our best practice example is that You clean up Your entire laundry at one time at the end of your holidays.

The washing machines are exclusively driven with soft water froma a special decarbonating unit. All heat for the dryers and for the warm water is made by clean natural gas. The most ecologic way to wash your things.

For the fast drying after washing we offer 12 drying machines with big volumes: 9 dryer with 10 kg and three with 13 kg volume!

As a special service "Togo ‐ Die Reinigung" offers the treatment of especially huge pillows and covers in a special wash-tumble-dryer with a volume capacity of 24 kg. Ask if You need assistance!

In our center you will find only washing machines from Miele, the world's most advanced technology for gentle washing. We thus can offer washing machines - special - programs for: Attention:
It is forbidden to use
our machines for things like: