launderette Berlin
self-service laundry Berlin
We offer to you:

- personal service and consultancy
- audited and reviewed cleanness
- washer available at any time
- well-kept atmosphere

We provide you to use a very modern washing technique uncomplicated and also with a low budget.

Our launderette is not one of these anonymous automatic launderettes but is attended by our competent staff - whenever possible by the manager himself. So you will be served on highest level.

The spruceness of our location is, of course, under continuously review.

Our equipment for You are: We own 24 top modern washing machines with best quality and 12 driers. The washing machines have a capacity between 6,5 and 13 kg and 20 kg, the washing time is between 28 minutes and 1:11 hours, the driers take 10 minutes for a 13 kg load, and only 7 minutes for a 10 kg. You can always count on an empty machine because of the high amount of machines we offer.

From morning till night everybody is able to profit from our washing world - it is uncomplicated in its use, it has reasonable prices, it is fast without loosing its good quality.

Till our modernization in June 2010, we work with the cleanest natural energy: natural gas to heat the water and drying air. In addition, we protect our climate through water treatment and heat recovery.
Our washing machines are equipped with the patented Miele honeycomb drum. Our dryers use the most modern technology - we can claim to be the most modern equiped washing center worldwide.